Politics and the Clash of Economic Stories

by Alan F. Zundel (Originally posted October 7, 2017) Politics in the U.S. has always been organized primary around competing stories about the economy. These stories help people make sense of what’s going on in the larger society, what it is that threatens them, and what the government should do about it. The stories typically […]

Is National Health Insurance a “Far Left” Proposal?

by Alan F. Zundel (Originally posted September 15, 2017) National health insurance was first instituted in Germany in 1883 by chancellor Otto von Bismarck. Who was Bismarck? An arch-conservative trying to win worker support away from the growing socialist movement, which he suppressed with the Anti-Socialist Laws of 1878. Far from being an idea nurtured […]

Oregon Non-Spoiler Electoral Opportunities

by Alan F. Zundel (Originally posted August 16, 2017) For independent and alternative party candidates who would challenge the policy agendas of the major parties, running for office is a good way to promote different ideas. But running can also raise the prospect of acting as a “spoiler” by increasing the chances that a “greater […]

Creating an Un-Party

by Alan F. Zundel (Originally posted August 24, 2017) “Happy un-birthday to you!” the Mad Hatter congratulated Alice. He explained that un-birthdays are better than birthdays because they give you 364 days to celebrate on each year instead of just one. Nick Brana, a former staffer for Bernie Sanders’ Presidential campaign, is trying to persuade […]

What Is Socialism?

  by Alan F. Zundel (Originally posted August 8, 2017) Socialism is no longer a dirty word in the U.S. Today the face of socialism is more likely to be Bernie Sanders than Nikita Khrushchev. Younger voters were born after the end of the Cold War, for them a part of history rather than memory. […]